Senden power station

The Senden wood gas heat and power station is the first highly efficient power plant of its kind to operate on an industrial scale. This is a defining moment in the implementation of non-central power supply based on renewable energies.

Besides hydroelectric power, the exploitation of biomass is becoming increasingly important, and the benefit of wood gas technology is its greater electrical efficiency compared with biomass heat and power stations.

Wood gas power stations operate based on the principle of wood carbonisation. In this process, the wood is transformed into charcoal; carbonisation describes a procedure in which the fire burns “without a naked flame”. This is sufficient for an annual output of roughly 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity, and 41 million kilowatt-hours of heat. Heat will be distributed to commercial customers and private households in Senden via a newly constructed grid. It is hoped that this method will replace natural gas – a fossil fuel – with wood gas generated from renewable resources.

Staco Deutschland produced and delivered approximately 2500m² of Staco louvre gratings type RL with a mesh size of 44.4 x 99.9 mm to construct the Senden power station. The louvre grating is used as facade panelling, where it provides screening and protects against the rain. The angled, horizontal slats allow the finned grating to offer excellent shading and screening, while protecting against rainwater and dirt dripping from above.

In addition, during the first phase of construction, Staco Deutschland delivered pressed gratings and heavy duty gratings – made of galvanised steel – for use as walkways inside and outside the power station. The supporting members and crossbars fitted to the grating are also serrated to provide an anti-slip surface and to guarantee safety when using the walkways. Press grating made of galvanised steel is particularly useful due to its durability.

Staco products used

Staco louvre gratings type RL
Heavy duty gratings type RH

Technical information

Staco louvre grating type RL, mesh size 44.4 x 99.9 Staco heavy duty grating type RH


Power plant, Senden, DE



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